Our Curriculum


At King’s Stanley, we are determined to provide the best quality teaching and learning for every child. We plan a full and rich curriculum which we feel meets the needs of our children. The curriculum is designed to enable everyone to achieve an excellent academic start in a creative, fun and hands-on environment. We use our foundation subject skills ladders to ensure the national curriculum is covered; alongside practical experiences to give real meaning to their learning and help pupil’s develop a deeper understanding of their topics.

In each class teachers plan topic-based units using our King’s Stanley subject skills ladders that are applied progressively across the year groups. Where appropriate, topics may be used to link together the core subjects such as literacy, numeracy and science.

As a school we have identified three curriculum drivers: Awareness of cultural diversity, child based mental health and anxiety and a need to create deeper learning experiences. We plan specific learning to develop these areas alongside our core curriculum.

Cultural Diversity: Visits to Mosque, synagogue, Kavuka Kenya, range of worship, visiting the foodbank

Mental health: Healthy me week, sports mark, Healthy school award, Countryside skills, E-Safety day, Yoga club, Careers day, opportunities to take responsibilities

Deeper learning experiences: Science day, cutting the heart.

Reception - Year 1 - Year 2 - Year 3 - Year 4 - Year 5 - Year 6

As a result of our curriculum, pupils enjoy school and achieve well. The vast majority of pupils achieve the expected standard by the time they leave King’s Stanley, but as importantly our children and parents tell us that they enjoy the school’s curriculum.

Feedback Questionnaire September 2018

Pupils Question Pupils who agreed  (Sept, 2018) Parents Question Parents who agreed (Sept, 2018)
I enjoy school? 96% My child appears happy at school 97%
My school work is interesting? 97% My child is taught well at this school 98%
I learn lots in lessons? 100% The school provides a good balance of academic and social development for the children 97%
My lessons are interesting and fun? 95% I feel my child is being taught the importance of internet safety well. 95%
I enjoy trips and school activities? 100% I would recommend this school to another parent 96%