School Parliament

School Parliament

King’s Stanley C of E School Parliament is a representative body within our school which is a platform for students to voice their opinions, engage in democratic processes, and contribute to the decision-making and improvement of their school. It serves as a democratic society, fostering leadership skills, civic responsibility, and a sense of community among students.

At King’s Stanley C of E Primary School we believe in the importance of a School Parliament as an essential component of our educational experience. Our School Parliament is a dynamic and inclusive body that plays a crucial role in shaping the school’s environment, policies, and activities. We are committed to the following principles:

Student Voice: We value the opinions and ideas of our students. The School Parliament ensures that every student has the opportunity to express their concerns, make suggestions, and be heard.

Leadership Development: We nurture leadership skills among our students by allowing them to take on roles such as class representatives, committee members, and executive positions within the School Parliament.

Collaboration: We promote a spirit of collaboration and cooperation among students, teachers, and staff. The School Parliament works closely with the senior leadership to address issues and implement positive changes.

Democracy: We instil the values of democracy, respect for diversity, and inclusivity within our School Parliament. Students from various backgrounds and academic levels are encouraged to participate.

Problem Solving: We actively engage in problem-solving and brainstorming to find solutions to issues that affect the student body, creating a better learning environment for everyone.

Community Engagement: We encourage our School Parliament members to reach out to the broader school community, gathering input and feedback to make well-informed decisions.

Transparency: We maintain transparency by keeping students informed about the School Parliament’s activities, decisions, and progress on various initiatives.

The School Parliament at King’s Stanley C of E Primary is not just a symbolic body; it is a driving force for positive change and a training ground for future leaders. We are dedicated to fostering a culture where every student feels empowered, valued, and inspired to actively contribute to the betterment of our school.

We invite all students to participate, engage, and make their voices heard through the School Parliament. Together, we can shape the future of our school and create a vibrant, inclusive, and thriving educational community.