ECO Council

The Eco Council is run by Year 5. They have various jobs around school to ensure we are as green as possible.

Climate Change by Atticus

"Our house is falling apart and our leaders need to start acting accordingly." Greta Thunberg

What would you do if your house was falling apart? You would spend as much of your time trying to fix it. You would spend as much money as necessary to fix it. Probably get a builder, friends and family to maybe fix it.

But remember, this is happening to all of us and it isn't our homes it's happening to - its our planet. Our planet requires urgent action. Our planet meets all of our needs, such as air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat and resources to build with. So why are we letting our unique planet die?

Whilst our leaders, parents and grandparents are occupied with Brexit, Brexit is only a momnet in time and climate change is not. Just in the same way you all talk about the new skins in Fortnight. That is a moment in time but takes up so much of your focus and energy.

Many children across the globe followed Greta's example last Friday and went on strike. They were trying to distract politicians from Brexit and protest against climate change. Politicians across Europe have spent so much of their meeting time talking about Brexit and ignoring climate change. This is not good!

We need our leaders to recognise that nature is the solution. They need to invest in renewable energy and pass laws that ensure the safety of our environment. The things these laws should do are to stop deforestation in all of Britain and protect all of our rarest creatures and their habitats. This will help look after some of our species and forests but more still needs to be done. This natural solution helps climate change by locking away the carbon we insist on producing, trees support wildlife and produce oxygen.

We as children also have a part to play in fixing our house. Little changes make a big difference. Let's take a look at the Attenborough affect after one tv series - there has been a 53% decline in single use plastic.

Could there be a Greta effect? So what could you do to help? Maybe you could have a meat free day each week. Ride or walk to school. Don't stand and stare at your fridge with the door open. Go outside and play rather than spend ages on electronics that need electricity to be charged.

These may be small changes but they will make a difference. The best thing you can do is keep talking about it. As long as we can stop the politicians talking about Brexit and get them talking about climate change. We are making a difference as we are shouting louder than ever.

We are the future. We can make a difference, however small we may be. So keep trying!

King’s Stanley Eco Code

We want to be an Eco-school.
We want to keep the planet cool.

Unless you’re coming very far
Don’t come to school by motor car

Walk or cycle or come by bus
Tell your parents, “It’s up to us”.

Doing so will keep us fit.” –
Then turn the heating down a bit.

Let’s recycle, let’s reuse
Put some mileage on our shoes.

Plant wild flowers, shrubs and trees
To help the insects, birds and bees.

We believe these things are do-able
Our source of heat should be renewable

Energy from wind and sun
Making compost by the ton.

We want to be an Eco-school.
We want to keep the planet cool.

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