ECO Council

The Eco Council is led by Year 6 pupils; we work hard on making sure we recycle as much as we can. We collect the plastic milk bottles, the waste paper and any food waste from the fruit eaten at school. We put the food waste in the Jura, our hot composter so that we have good compost for our allotment. This year we are continuing to increase the number of animals and birds that live in our grounds.

This year’s Eco Council is as follows:

Year 2

Alfeo Clements
Teddie Thompson

Year 3

Stanley Hannan
Taylor Wills

Year 4 

Isabella Parris
Ethan Fielder

Year 5

Harry Weaver
Nancy Fisk

Year 6

Vivien Almeida
Molly Paskey

Some adults also help: Mr Targett and Mrs Smith

King’s Stanley Eco Code

We want to be an Eco-school.
We want to keep the planet cool.

Unless you’re coming very far
Don’t come to school by motor car

Walk or cycle or come by bus
Tell your parents, “It’s up to us”.

Doing so will keep us fit.” –
Then turn the heating down a bit.

Let’s recycle, let’s reuse
Put some mileage on our shoes.

Plant wild flowers, shrubs and trees
To help the insects, birds and bees.

We believe these things are do-able
Our source of heat should be renewable

Energy from wind and sun
Making compost by the ton.

We want to be an Eco-school.
We want to keep the planet cool.

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